1Password desktop app for Linux devices launched

The popular password manager 1Password has released a desktop version for Linux devices, allowing users to easily sync and manage their logins and passwords from a native app.


Apart from Windows and macOS, the password manager also supports all major desktop operating systems, as well as smartphones, with the launch of a Linux version.


The new 1Password app for Linux is written entirely in Rust and uses the ring crypto library to encrypt user data end-to-end.


1Password adheres to the same zero-knowledge policy to ensure that they do not have access to user passwords or other secrets stored in their vaults.


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For added convenience, the desktop app will also allow the 1Password X browser extension.


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Source: 1Password


Users will be able to unlock the app using fingerprint sensors and their Linux login password – your master password will still be needed for the first login after starting your device.


The password manager’s developers also confirmed that they were giving back to the open-source community, which they had previously provided with free 1Password accounts.


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1Password built the new platform with this group in mind, using a range of amazing open technologies like Rust, Ring Crypto, and Electron, the company said, adding that the libraries it used to protect the new app have been shared with the open-source community.


Users will get the new 1Password for Linux update by going to the company’s website and selecting their preferred operating system.


You can download and install the .deb package if you’re using Debian or Ubuntu, or the .rpm package if you’re using CentOS, Fedora, or Red Hat Enterprise Linux.


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If you use another Linux distribution, you can download a compressed portable version of the app or download 1Password for your Linux distribution from the Snap Store.