49% of Android Users Consider Apple’s iPhone to be More Secure than Their Device

As per a survey, 49% of android users are considering switching to Apple‘s iPhone owing to “perceived superiority” in security and privacy. Also, consumers reported feeling more secure using the iPhone 13 Promax instead of the Samsung Galaxy S 22 ultra.

The survey of Beyond Identity, which interviewed 1003 Americans regarding mobile phone security habits and sentiments, reveals that 76% of Apple users feel more secure with iOS. On the contrary, 74% of Android users have the same perception.

Furthermore, 20% of Apple users find iCloud Keychain extremely safe, while only 13% of Google Password Manager users with an Android feel incredibly secure. Also, 27% of iCloud users feel secure, while 22% of Google Drive users feel the same. 

The study revealed that iPhone users are more proactive about their safety, as they are likelier to choose a six-digit pin over a four-digit to unlock their phones.

The iPhone users are also more likely to regulate their location tracking and use facial recognition; which new android phone offers the same technology as Apple.

The survey also reveals that the upcoming release of iOS 16 has 33% of Android users considering the switch to Apple owing to new features centered around security and privacy. One of those features is Lockdown Mode which aims to protect users who may be targets of sophisticated spyware. It is a powerful protection method for a specific demographic of users who may face threats to their digital security. 

Even though android smartphones have garnered significant traction globally, Apple’s iPhones are considered a more secure device.