8 more deaths in 24 hours

This Saturday, January 9, the number of hospital admissions fell from 950 to 931 (-19) while another person was admitted to the intensive care unit (from 124 to 125 people).

At the same time, we apologize for eight extra deaths between Friday and Saturday. This brings the number of deaths since March 1 to 2,840 inhabitants of the Rhône, including 1,944 (+ 8 in 24 hours) in hospitals and 896 in medical-social institutions (EMS).

In the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, the virus reproduction rate (data from 2 January) is 0.88 for an average of 0.99 (if the number is greater than 1, the epidemic, if it is less than 1, the epidemic in decline).