“a hopeful perspective for sports halls” says the Minister

It is a glimmer of hope for the many amateur athletes, but also on the professional side.

The Ministerial Delegate in charge of sports, Roxana Maracineanu, a guest on RTL, on Tuesday night, confirmed that specific masks for athletes were developed. This project will allow the resumption of sports activities in cramped spaces.

“Sport is affected because we can not respect these safety distances imposed by the crisis. With this sports mask, which we are in the process of standardizing, we hope to be able to restore this balance between sport, which is important for the health of the French, and these precautions as we have to take because of the crisis, “the minister developed.

“In a month”

The Ministry of Sports is working in collaboration with AFNOR, the organization responsible for labeling, on this sports mask project.

“We are giving ourselves a period of two weeks to see if the measures taken with the curfew at 18.00 and the end of certain activities will have an impact on the figures,” said Roxana Maracineanu. She hopes to have these masks “in a month”.

These masks must therefore, before being marketed, still obtain approval from the scientific authorities before any labeling.

“If we realize that this mask effectively protects and that we can resume physical activity indoors, it is a prospect full of hope for the gyms,” she said.

We worked with a filtration with permeability

The sports brand Décathlon worked on this mask project. Raphaël Dubi, development manager at Décathlon, explains on France Info that the mask has several properties: “The first is filtration. The most important advantage of a mask is that it filters the virus. So we worked with filtration with permeability. This mask must also allow comfort, with support so that it stays in your face when you move in full safety. “

According to France Info, this sports mask can be tested by high-level athletes at the end of February and available commercially during the month of March.