a man who is exempt from wearing a mask, tells about his daily life

There are many who want to be able to remove the mask that is mandatory in all closed places in the territory due to the coronavirus epidemic, and there are those, more rarely, who want to be able to use them like everyone else. ..

L’Est Républicain tells the story of a resident of Meurthe-et-Moselle who, suffering from a lung pathology that interferes with his oxygenation, is unable to wear a mask, which is supported by a medical certificate.

“I was called a killer” on the street, apologizes to this disabled former soldier, who, however, understands the fear of people facing the pandemic. But even with a visor, he can not go into a pharmacy.

However, L’Est Républicain recalls that the decree prescribing the measures necessary to deal with the Covid-19 epidemic is very clear: “The obligation to wear a mask does not apply to people with disabilities equipped with a medical certificate”.