About Half of the Student Internships are Unpaid; College Students are Exploited after Higher Education

About 44% of Dutch university and college students are not given any stipend. At the same time, their internship, especially those working in the education sector, reveals the student union ISO.

More than 4,900 students were surveyed about their internship for the study. 

85% of students whose internship was in the education sector were unpaid, as were 51% of care service students. And, 27% of the students found it challenging to find one internship in the first place.

They are not paying students while the internship is a significant problem, making it look like exploitation. Students interning full time and not receiving a single penny leads is a form of cheap labor. 

The ELBHO foundation, which regulates the internship quality, has drawn up guidelines for pay. 

 According to the survey, one in four students were used as ‘cheap labor’ during their internship, and one in five said they were overburdened with too much work.

The ISO wants interns’ legal positions to be enhanced with a formal agreement between college, employer, and student.