Ain. How many students and teachers are positive about Covid-19 in the department?

“Test campaign underway”

Marilyne Rémer, academic director of the national education services of Ain (Dasen), is clear on this subject: “Nothing allows me to say that there are things we do not know. Our tables and figures have been updated. Which does not exclude a small differential. “

According to her, the confusion may be due to the fact that the use of the generalized mask from 6 years since the change from the All Saints holiday has changed the reporting procedures. “Contact cases are no longer reported, we only send positive cases. “

The test campaign started a few days ago in the department. This primarily applies to adult employees, on a voluntary basis. “Distribution is underway. We trained administrative staff and nurses in December, again on a voluntary basis. Since last week, staff have been tested two days a week. We started with Pays de Gex, Valserhône, Belley. This Wednesday we are in Bourg-en-Bresse. “

A campaign that requires a large organization both to make agreements and to administer tests and protective equipment. Next step: high school students and students whose families will agree. School children are not affected. “We should be able to start before the February holidays. “