Ain. Saved since the start of the crisis, the nursing home Montrevel has identified 46 positive cases

Until then, residents and caregivers had resisted. No cases at the Montrevel-en-Bresse nursing home had been identified. On Wednesday 3 February, according to the latest tests, 46 elderly people were tested positive for a workforce of 166. The nurses are not spared ten positive cases.

“But everything can move fast. The number of cases can jump quickly, “warned Muriel Luga-Giraud, department councilor. “In terms of vaccination, 144 residents are vaccinated out of 166, according to the elected official. Residents were to receive the second injection next week.

Other nursing homes affected

Unfortunately, this wave is not just affecting the Montrevel nursing home. According to the elected official, six other companies have identified patients with Covid-19.

“The management of the nursing homes ensures that the other residents are as safe as possible, by isolating the positive issues and by ending the visits” is reassuring, Muriel Luga Giraud. Now the question is how the inhabitants got the virus, caregivers or visits.