Android Auto Bug is Blowing Up Icons Randomly

Android auto is a helpful tool, especially for long trips; however, lately, it seems to be experiencing many more glitches than usual.

The latest issue resulted in the software blowing up Icons comically.

It isn’t a significant issue, but the icons take extra screen space, disabling the driver’s ability to see anything else.

One of the users posted on Google’s support forums and Reddit, noting that the problem occurred after the upgrade to a phone running android 12. The image shows that the android auto is primary icons (Home, notifications, and voice command toggles) – to the point where they take up half the display instead of a bit of space in the lower corner.

Other users also noted that they suffer from this issue with various phones and car models. A problem was reported earlier this year, majorly affecting Oppo and Xiaomi phones, highlighting it has been an issue for some time.

However, the number of complaints is lesser this time, denoting it is not a widespread issue. The problem is also impacting phones running on android 12, especially those manufactured by OnePlus and Xiaomi. But it is not restricted to them; some of the claims have been made for Samsung Galaxy A53.

It is unclear what has caused this problem, as it occurs on multiple versions of the android auto app. Customers have also reported trying different cables to see if it makes a difference, but all failed.

It looks like this is not the only problem that android 12 has caused with android auto. Google has already released an update designed to fix cable issues impacting the Samsung Galaxy S 22 phones connection to android auto. The previous year consumers with Google pixel six launched the app correctly. Reported no problems.

Google notes that the issue of enlarged icons is under scrutiny. Hopefully, this means a fix will be provided soon. Meanwhile, if your phone Is facing the same problem with android auto, it is better to rely on android 12’s built-in driving mode.