Apple pushes its flagship car launch onto the backburner; to unveil in 2026

The Hi-end Apple car launch to debut in 2026 with a more economical price tag- under $ 10, 00, 00.

Apple is holding back the launch of its flagship electric car to a much later date in 2026. This was reported by Gizmochina. The project named ‘TITAN’ has been a doubtful starter for the past few months. 

The maker of the iPhone had previously envisioned a car devoid of a steering wheel and pedals. Passengers in the car were viewed as seated limousine style facing each other. However, this has been scrapped and given way to a more conservative design with a driver’s seat, steering wheel, pedals et al.

The Hi-Tec vehicle will be optionally fitted with a driverless feature though it will take the wheel on highways. The autonomous feature gives the passenger ample play time with immersive video games. The ambitious project failed to take off from the drawing board with the exit of numerous executives that failed to bring the car to reality. Apple wished to enter the market with a driverless car from the word go, eschewing all essential car parts. But this was not to be so as Apple makes a volte-face doing away with the less viable car. Automation will remain a top priority but only on highways, as Apple swiftly negotiates these challenges. 

This is one of the most ambitious projects that Apple has ventured with. Though Google has its autonomous car division Waymo; seemingly placing Apple as yet to enter the fray.