Apple Watch Series 8 could Feature Body Temperature Monitoring.

The Apple Watch has been categorized as the best smartwatch option if you have an iOS device. Even though it has only been six months since the arrival of the Apple Watch Series 7, rumors have already begun about the Apple Watch Series 8. There have been various reports that Apple would be focusing on enhancing the fitness tracking capabilities rather than just packing it with a new sensor. Moreover, there have been some more rumors about incorporating the temperature sensor. If Apple can get things right, temperature sensors on the Apple Watch may become a reality by this year.

As per the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple had plans to add a temperature sensor to the Watch Series 7. However, Apple could not get to the job appropriately as it would have preferred to. According to the analyst, the technology uses a physical sensor and software algorithm. These two working together are important for accurate observations. 

Apple is also working on non-invasive blood glucose regulation; however, the feature is believed to be far away, and the company is not aiming for a release year. Meanwhile, Apple has discussed enhancing support for third-party glucose meters on the Apple Watch and on iPhone’s Health App to aid users with diabetes.

Apple is also working to offer new women’s health features to the Apple Watch and iPhone and new sleep, fitness, and medication management features in the iPhone’s Health App. In addition, the player is still planning to add a body temperature sensor to the Watch this year, with a specific part to assist fertility planning. As a result, future Apple Watch models could speculate the user has a higher body temperature than usual; however, it cannot show the exact temperature. 

iOS 16 may enhance the Health app that increases sleep tracking functions and adds new medicine management and women’s health specifications. In addition, Apple is said to have been developing a medicine management equipment to allow users to scan their pills into a health app and remind them to consume them; however, the initial version is set to launch this year and is unlikely to include all of the functionality that Apple has planned.