Apple’s grey iMac accessories discontinued: Reports

Apple discontinued the iMac Pro earlier this year, and the space grey iMac accessories are now being discontinued out as well.


The Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse, and Magic Trackpad in space grey are no longer available.


When the iMac Pro was first released in 2017, these accessories were only available for the iMac Pro, but  Apple began selling them separately in March 2018.


The space grey Magic Mouse, Magic Keyboard, and Magic Trackpad have been spotted on the Apple Store online and will be available “while supplies last,” according to MacRumours.


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Source: MacRumors


There is no indication of how long these stocks will last, although it is possible that they will run out quickly.


If you do want some of these accessories but can’t get them from the Apple Store, you can always order them from Amazon.


These space grey options are all “readily available” on Amazon, according to 9to5Mac, and often “at lower prices than Apple”.


It’s understandable that Apple will drop the space grey accessories.


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Last month, Apple unveiled the latest M1 iMac, as well as a new Magic Keyboard with Touch ID, as well as updated, colorful versions of the Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad.


As a result, the older space grey accessories don’t go with the newer, brighter options.


However, for the time being, these new accessories are only available in conjunction with the new iMac and will not be sold separately.


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Just because older space grey accessories are being discontinued out doesn’t mean Apple will never release another space grey iMac.


Apple is expected to release a space grey iMac with its latest chip (M1 or M2) and revised accessories, including Touch ID and other enhancements.


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For the time being, though, this is bad news for space grey MacBook users trying to swap all of their matching accessories.