Arizona Communities Witness Bobcats as Hot Weather and Drought Continue

Many bobcats appear to be showing up at homes across the valley. Social media sites like next-door and Facebook have been full of posts from people sharing their bobcat encounters. Bobcats have always lived among us; however, the prevailing drought draws many bobcats in from the desert. What brings urban bobcats into neighborhoods is just food, water, shelter, and a backyard in spades. They’re coming in and getting water from your pool, water fountain, maybe a dish of what are you put out. It’s attracting them and keeping them here.

As per wildlife experts, bobcats rarely attack people, so there is no need to be afraid if you see one. However, it is a good idea not to leave small dogs or cats outside and don’t feed the bobcats. If a bobcat makes someone uncomfortable, it can make a loud noise or spread the water hose to scare them off.