become a veterinarian with post-bac route

This is a big change for French veterinary schools: in September 2021, they will welcome students of a new type: young graduates. Many of them will undoubtedly want to register for Parcoursup, but only 700 of them will be selected on the basis of applications so that they can then participate in the entrance exam. A test consisting of short thematic interviews where the examiner will seek to discover the candidates’ abilities in logic, calculation, manual skills etc.

Their ability for empathy and relational communication will also be assessed. They will be 160 years old to start veterinary studies next September with this new path, evenly distributed across each of the four schools, including Marcy.

The goal is to move towards greater social and territorial diversity: “Today, most students come from large metropolises,” explains Emmanuelle Soubeyran, CEO of VetAgro Sup. We know that it is not easy to get into a preparatory class when you come from less privileged backgrounds. With this reform, it will be more open ”.