Benite | Birth of Pierre Bénite. Jana is the first baby in 2021 at Lyon Sud Hospital

Svetlana had come for a simple consultation on 31 December at 11.30 at the Lyon Sud Hospital of Pierre Bénite. Jana was scheduled for January 15, 2021, she decided on something else.

The hospital asks her to stay because the birth will be imminent, we install her, we take care of her mother and little Jana shows her beautiful face at 02.11 on 1 January 2021.

The father explains: The hospital has been fantastic, very kind to us. We arrived for a consultation and we welcome our first child on January 1st. Mom and baby are doing very well. I thank the midwives for a long time, 3 other mothers were present that night. We were careful to use our mask all night and I am the only one allowed in the room. We are very happy because the birth went very well this New Year’s Eve.

It weighs 3300 kg.