Beware of the Squid Game malware


Google removed the Squid Game app from the Play Store after researchers discovered malware in it. If you downloaded the app, here’s what you should do to stay safe.


Squid Game is Netflix’s newest super blockbuster series, and people all over the world are hooked. The show, which cost $21 million to make, is expected to generate $891.1 million in revenue, according to Bloomberg. Hackers and malicious users are working overtime to take advantage of viewers and fans as the series grows in popularity. Google has banned an app from the Play Store after a security firm identified it as being used to propagate malware. Users will have to manually remove the app from their devices. Continue reading to learn more about how to keep your gadgets secure.


ESET researcher Lukas Stefanko, who investigates malware at the security firm, discovered the malware aimed at lovers of the popular Netflix series Squid Game. The app, titled “Squid Game Wallpaper 4K HD,” was allegedly used to transmit the renowned Joker malware. We’ve previously discussed the Joker malware; while this isn’t the first time an app has been used to infect another app on the store, it is the first time it’s been used to target viewers and lovers of the new smash series.



The application could lead to “malicious ad-fraud and/or unwanted SMS subscription actions,” according to the researcher. If this sounds like the Joker malware’s method of operation, it’s because they both work in the same way. This implies that customers may not only be bombarded with adverts, but they may also be enrolled in premium services that will cost them a significant amount of money.


While Google has already removed the app from the Play Store, Android users who have already downloaded it should do so immediately, since their devices may be at risk. They must also be on the lookout for similar apps in the future, and avoid apps that have not been officially launched by the original company, even if the app or game is free. As the researcher points out, there are presently over 200 apps with the same theme available on the Play Store, and users must be vigilant while downloading these apps in order to keep their smartphones safe.


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