Biden’s COVID ‘Rebound’, Following the Treatment with Antiviral Paxlovid

Joe Biden tested positive for COVID-19 for a third straight day on Monday which is a rare case of a “rebound” following the treatment with anti-viral Paxlovid.

The White House physician, Dr. Kevin O’Connor, said that the President “continues to feel well” and will keep on working from the executive residence during his isolation period, the Associated Press reported.

Paxlovid, which was developed by Pfizer, can cause a rebound case of the virus that results in patients testing positive again 2 to 8 days after testing negative. In some cases, symptoms reappear, although that does not appear to be the case for the President.

“A brief return of symptoms may be part of the natural history of SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) infection in some persons, independent of treatment with Paxlovid and regardless of vaccination status,” the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said back in May.

The CDC recommends the treatment for people who are at a high risk of severe disease. The FDA authorized Paxlovid in December in a move that relieved the medical community and many members of the public. Not only is Paxlovid a pill that someone can take at home, but consuming it dramatically can lessen the possibility to be hospitalized or dying.

The news arrives as COVID cases in the US remain as high as 1,30,000 a day, however, it is not a =n absolute figure as many people are testing at home. As per New York Times tracker, the average number stood at 1,23,553 on Sunday, less than 5% from two weeks ago.