Bourg-en-Bresse. Convert clinic vaccinates its employees over 50 years

As part of the vaccination campaign against Covid-19 and the vaccination plan recommended by the High Authority of Health (HAS), the Convert Clinic started injections on Tuesday 12 January for healthcare professionals over the age of 50, including including liberal professionals.

“We have identified over 50 employees at risk, employees, doctors and their secretaries, cardiology and scintigraphy services. We have set up concentrations before vaccination, ”explains Manuela de Oliveira, head of the clinic.

Of the establishment’s 350 employees, 90 were qualified for this vaccination. With liberal doctors and their staff, 160 people need to be vaccinated. “120 volunteers will be this week. We only had about ten refractories. People who have received Covid-19 in the last three months, and those who have just received the flu vaccine, have to wait, says the director.

The vaccines are thawed and then delivered by Fleyriat Hospital, which manages the stocks. “We made sure there was no wastage. We have five days to spend them, ”adds Manuela de Oliveira, who may be organizing a vaccination campaign for caregivers working at night.

“The vaccine is a medical action”

Doctors, nurses and volunteer administrative staff take turns in a small room provided by the clinic to ensure this vaccination. “It is a small structure for more flow. It is medical traceability, because the vaccine is a medical act, and administrative traceability, “insists Dr. Loïc Biot.

Each vaccinated person, at a rate of five per hour, remains for 15 to 20 minutes for observation after the bite. “The only side effect is anaphylaxis, it is rare, but it does exist. We have what is needed if necessary, but we did not have this issue, which we will address. It is well perceived by the staff that we can organize ourselves here, without having to go to Fleyriat “, adds Dr. Biot.

“We are waiting for what will be announced on Thursday 14 January with extended criteria. We can also be a vaccination center,” expects Manuela de Oliveira, whose clinic will organize the second injection of the vaccine in three weeks for the 160 affected people.