C.D.C. Reduces Isolation Period for Infected Americans as Omicron Cases Surge

U.S. health officials said that people infected with COVID-19 could leave isolation after five days if they do not experience symptoms anymore. The announcement halved the recommended quarantine period for affected citizens from ten days to five days. In addition, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention informed that following the initial five days of isolation, the infected citizens should wear a mask and take all necessary precautions around the public for the other five days.

The updated announcement comes amidst the surging cases of COVID-19, with tens of millions of population unvaccinated. Hawaii, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, and Puerto Rico have reported maximum COVID-19 cases in the last week compared to any other week. As per the New York Times database, the seven-day national average showed a surge of 83% during the previous two weeks. In addition, the death rate rose by 3 % during the same time.

About 204 million Americans have been vaccinated; however, only 62% of the population. The percentage is deficient against the vaccinated citizens of other developed nations. The vaccination rates vary about 83% in Montgomery County, Md, to 15% in rural places like McPherson County in South Dakota.

COVID-19 cases are likely to surge in the U.S. in the coming festive period. A reduced isolation period will facilitate easy return to school or work, which can help control the disruption that could impact the functioning of schools, workplaces or hamper the supply chains.

As the new wave of Omicron approaches, the health experts say that vaccination is one of the most efficient ways to curb the infection. As a result, U.S. public health officials take initiatives to locate unvaccinated citizens. In addition, the health officials are implementing new methods to reach the remote areas that are yet out of the purview of vaccination.

Various studies have revealed that the Omicron variant is not as deadly as the other Corona variants. People who have already been vaccinated and have received booster shots have the minimum shield against the new emerging variant. It has increased pressure on the officials to take a stand towards such infected citizens to let them return to their routine.

The U.S. government is encouraging people to get the booster shot, and the new guidance could motivate more citizens to obtain the booster shot. However, as per C.D.C., under one-third of fully vaccinated citizens in the U.S. have taken a booster shot.