Canadian Government Invokes Emergencies Act due to Protests over COVID-19 Measures

The streets of Canada are full of convoys and protestors. There are several blockades at crossings. The border crossing between the US & Canada, the Ambassador Bridge, has choked off the traffic. Much of the anger can be associated with the agitation against the Liberal Party Politician, Justice Trudeau, who has been the Prime Minister of the country since 2015. The protests in Ottawa, Ontario, and other places are majorly demanding the end of COVID-19 vaccine mandates and other restrictions such as; wearing masks. The protestors have also called for Trudeau’s resignation.

The three weeks of protest in Canada could be heading towards its conclusion as the authorities warn demonstrators to leave the place or face legal repercussions. 

“Anyone blocking streets or assisting others in the blocking (of) streets are committing a criminal offense, and you may be arrested.” Said the Ottawa Police.

Protestors aim to hold on to the demonstration for as long as possible. However, the federal government has enacted emergency powers to freeze financial support to the rally, ignoring Parliament’s opposition. 

The ongoing chaos in the country and the recent incident of the chief stepping down attracted a lot of criticism. The authorities in Ottawa made it clear that anyone coming to join the protest could have their vehicles seized. In addition, a conviction can result in denial of crossing the USA border. 

Conservatives in Parliament Object to the Emergency Powers 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked the emergency powers to end the protest. The authorities’ actions to inhibit the influence of protest have attracted severe criticism from the opposition in Parliament. 

The interim leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, Candice Bergen, made it clear that the party will not be backing the motion enacted by the federal government. He says that the Prime Minister did not make enough efforts to end the protest before invoking the action.

As per the Emergencies Act, the ruling government must propose a motion in the House and Senate. Then, expounding the cause of invoking the action and explaining the steps that will be performed, both the Senate and House must confirm the motions. 

Debate on the House Motion will begin on Thursday, and a vote will be held soon, said Mark Holland, a member of the Liberal Party.

Trudeau said that invoking the act was about keeping Canadian’s safe, restoring faith in the government, and safeguarding people’s jobs. 

Four People Charged with Murder Conspiracy at Alberta Protest 

Four people were charged with conspiracy to murder in association with the Coutts border blockade. And nine other people were arrested and charged with possession of a weapon for mischievous purposes over USD 5,000.