Celine Dion In Painstaking Battle With An Irreversible Neurological Health Condition Shelves Tour Dates

Celine Dion is suffering from a rare neurological disorder, as revealed by her 5.2 million Instagram followers. This rare health condition prevents her from giving her best shot in live shows, even as much as she would have liked to. This very rare condition is characterized by muscular spasms that she has been undergoing lately. This condition is incurable though there is treatment available. The singing sensation of yesteryears told the 5.2 Instagram followers that the disease strikes the immunity system and makes her muscles twitch violently. This has rendered her immobile with difficulties in walking and singing.

The French Canadian singer revealed to her Instagram followers, that she has been suffering from this disease for a long time. She also added that the untold suffering she has been experiencing is something she has not disclosed to her fans. She also finds it very difficult to take this challenge in her stride, as she gave vent to her feelings in a hi-keyed emotional video.

Stiff fight against rare neurological disease

The disorder going by the name stiff person syndrome affects one in a million people. It obstructs her singing fearfully in that she is not able to exercise her vocal cords as much as would have pleased to.

In sum, this disorder limits her every routine function in day-to-day life. She has put off eight of her summer 2023 shows indefinitely, It may sound far-fetched but she will have to call her February tour off.

In 2014, the diva crooned her heart in the single My heart will go on to win an Oscar for the best song from the film ‘Titanic’. She also lost her husband 

Rene Anglelil to cancer and her brother Daniel Dion. This did not deter Celine Dion from releasing the studio album titled courage in which she teamed up with David Guetta and Sam Smith. It was followed by a world tour parts of which were postponed due to the COVID pandemic. The singer was also besieged with complaints of muscle spasms which delayed her coming to their Las Vegas home.

She has been under a strict regimen following her sports therapist to bring back her resiliency and to perform on stage but is a strenuous battle. For now, her mind was focused on her health, and prayed that she would be back on track soon.