Chances for Severe Weather Continue Across the Mountains

It is the third day in a row with the possibility of severe weather. It will likely shape into another rinse and repeat day across the region. Temperatures will start in the 60s and 70s as you move out the door with patchy, dense fog. The sky is expected to be cloudy, and sun rays can pierce occasionally.

The latest Storm Prediction Center update has most of the region under risk, but 2 out of 5 slight risks continue to hover near the Kentucky/ Tennessee/ Virginia border. 

Like yesterday, the significant threats are damaging winds, minor hail, and heavy rain. The best storm chances are likely from lunchtime into the early evening hours. 

Tonight, scattered storm scope can stick around, especially early as temps drop to 70.

While the storm chances will continue to wrap up the week, it lowers to a level 1 out of 5 on Friday.

Temperatures are likely to stay warm, trying to reach the mid to upper 80s before it moves through Friday evening/early Saturday morning. However, some warnings are still possible Friday afternoon and early Friday night. 

The possibility of rain continues into the first part of the weekend before tapering off. The significant difference is the temperature, which will only top in the low 80s on Saturday and Sunday.