Child Food Insecurity in North Carolina and Cape Coral Demands Immediate Attention

Child hunger is a significant challenge in North Carolina, which needs to be immediately addressed by the authorities.

In North Carolina, there are about 590,000 households deprived of essential food for daily consumption. Households with children are the primary victims of the current prevailing situation in the state. As per a study, 15.7% of households with children are food insecure compared to 10.1% of households with children. 

The pandemic relief funds are not enough to meet the child hunger issue- not now, and not even in the long term issue. 

The U.S Department of Agriculture funding provides daycares and schools with free meals for every student until June 2022. The program provides these children with milk, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. 

North Carolina’s school nutrition Chief Lynn Harvey requested the state lawmakers to extend the school-lunch program. She says, “Our students deserve ‘Hunger Free’ schools, where all children have access to nutritious, appealing meals as part of the instructional day,”

According to most teachers, maximum students are dependent on the school meals scheme as their source of daily nutrition. As a result, teachers believe that the problem of hunger is on the rise. 

On the other hand, Cape Coral is still fighting for food security.

The city is prospering, and the neighborhoods are booming. However, the city is still fighting food security.

Marcia Greene with the We Care Food Pantry said that many people were losing their apartments, a lot of people could not make their mortgage payments. 

People are going homeless there. They are just one crisis away from living on the street. 

Pastor Charles Minton interacts with them every Thursday night at his Cape Vineyard Community Church’s Thursday dinner.

Charles Minton says that so many people are just afraid of being looked down upon. He remarked, “I think just having a place that you can come and be yourself and know that you got other people who are going through the same things will help take some of that pressure off of just asking for help. They can come to hang out, have a great time and leave with a full stomach and a little bit of hope in their heart,” 

A far-off view of Cape Coral gives a good picture; however, the closer view reveals the truth about the prevailing challenge of the place.