China apologizes for a first death in eight months

China reported its first Covid-19 death in eight months on Thursday. A public communication just as a team of experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) arrived in the country to investigate the origin of coronavirus.

A dead man in Hebei

The country where Covid-19 appeared a year ago has eradicated the epidemic since the spring, thanks to strict motion control, widespread use of masks, containment measures and mobile phone tracking applications. But China has recorded increasing balances in recent days – even though they are very far from the statements announced abroad.

On Thursday, the country reported the worst daily customs duty on pollution since March.
The majority of new reported cases have been in Hebei, the vast province around the capital Beijing (81 pollutants). And it is precisely in this province that a death due to coronavirus was announced this Thursday by the health authorities. They gave no further details.

4,635 died

The latest death in China related to Covid-19 is officially dated to May last year. According to the official report, 4,635 people in the country have now succumbed to the disease.