Content creators on Facebook can now monetize their short video posts

Many Facebook users would be able to profit from their short video posts if their viewers watch an ad within the first 30 seconds.

In-stream advertisements on videos longer than three minutes were previously allowed on the social network, with ads appearing after the video had run for 60 seconds.

Ads on videos longer than three minutes can now be seen at the 45-second mark, according to the company.


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In 2017, Facebook launched in-stream ads, which allows creators to monetize on-demand and live videos in the Watch section. The transition was said to assist creators in increasing their exposure and interaction.

Users must be at least 18 years old, have at least 10,000 followers, and have at least 600,000 total minutes viewed from any combination of video uploads in order to be eligible for monetization. They must also have five or more active video uploads or live videos, according to Facebook.


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The decision to encourage short videos is seen as an effort to raise the popularity of Instagram Reels, Facebook’s response to TikTok. Facebook recently announced that it is testing a feature that will enable users to upload Reels to their Facebook pages. It also reported that some of its users will earn money by using Facebook Stories sticker ads. Facebook makes almost all of its money from advertisements, and developers keep 45 percent of their ad sales.