Coronavirus. 48 French holidaymakers were put in solitary confinement for skiing in Switzerland

The prefecture of Doubs announced this Sunday that they had issued isolation orders against 48 French holidaymakers who had returned from Switzerland and could not present evidence of a negative test for Covid-19.

“These orders were taken in connection with the return to France of people who went to Switzerland in high-risk areas, in ski resorts,” said the director of the office of the prefect Doubs and deputy prefect, Jean Richert.

200 vehicles checked

The checks took place on Saturday afternoon during an operation that was specially set up at the border, and aimed at almost 200 vehicles, according to L’Est Républicain.

According to a decree of 19 December 2020, people returning from abroad must present proof of a Covid-19 screening test that lasts less than 72 hours which shows that they are not contaminated. Otherwise they risk being “quarantined” or “kept isolated”.

“Each order is personal, it specifies the identity of the person as well as the place where the isolation is to be performed”, often at home, Mr. Richert added.

A negative test ends the insulation.

Isolation is planned for seven days. Travel options are limited to food purchases, administrative or legal summons and processing procedures, including performing a test. A negative test ends the insulation.

Switzerland is extremely affected

“You have to be careful, we know that Switzerland is extremely affected by viral circulation, people who go to this country, especially during a skiing holiday, have to draw the consequences to get back to the conditions. Regulatory,” Richert warned.

Other control operations of this type “are intended” to be renewed, he said.