Coronavirus. Mauricette, the first to be vaccinated in France, received her second dose

Mauricette is fine, and she has received her two doses of the antikovid vaccine! Ile-de-France, who had been vaccinated in front of the cameras on December 27, received his second injection on Tuesday, the Ministry of Solidarity and Health announced in a press release.

The person who had been the first person to be vaccinated in France against Covid-19 will therefore, 23 days later, be one of the first to be fully vaccinated, a new injection that allows 95% protection according to Pfizer BioNTech.

Between two doses of Pfizer vaccine, the French health authorities currently recommend a gap of 21 days for nursing homes, as recommended by the first protocol for Pfizer’s clinical trials, and 28 days for the general public.

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The 78-year-old former housekeeper had been vaccinated to applause at René-Muret Hospital in Sevran (Seine-Saint-Denis), where she lives. As such, she has already been the subject of several false information, including one claiming … death! But “she’s fine” had to specify AP-HP, on which the establishment depends, to put an end to the rumors.

Immediately after the injection, the pensioner looked in good shape. Asked about the vaccine, Mauricette said she was “very touched” to be the first to receive it. “It’s an honor,” she said herself, clearly denying any rumors of manipulation about herself.