Covid-19. “A curfew effect tends to be known,” confirms Olivier Véran

Olivier Véran, Minister of Health, asked questions to France inter this Tuesday morning: “A curfew effect tends to be known. In the 15 wards under curfew, at 18.00 since January 2, the incidence, new diagnoses were instead down -16 % from year to year. “

“The level of the epidemic is high, but relatively stable. We are not in an exponential part of the curve,” Olivier Véran emphasized. But to remember that: “The circulation of the virus is still worrying in the country.”

200 to 300 new cases of English variant per day in France

“There are 200 and 300 new cases of the English variant in our country” discovered per day in positive PCR tests. “For example, 36 people from a nursing home in Ile-de-France are all positive about the new English variant,” he said. “When a virus is more aggressive and more contagious, it can quickly become quite dominant.”

In France, the variant detected in the United Kingdom represents 1.4% of Covid-19 cases diagnosed in the country.

Two million agreements

“Two million vaccination agreements have been given,” Olivier Véran told France Inter. In the absence of a place available in a vaccination center, “I asked that your contact information be registered before the end of the week, and that we remind you when there are places available,” the Minister of Health added.

The exact number of doses that each vaccination center has will soon be known

He also informed that the government would publish “on the santé.fr website, in full transparency, before the weekend, the exact number of doses that each vaccination center has each week.”

“The elected representatives know in advance how many doses they can use. Some have opened many contract places” to get more dose: “it is not possible,” the Minister of Health lamented.