Covid-19. Éliane, 93, was first vaccinated from Ain on January 7: “Everything is fine! “

On January 7, Éliane Gerlier was part of the first wave of people vaccinated against Covid-19 in the ward. The resident of the nursing home Les Ancolies de Péronnas (nursing home for addicted elderly people) volunteered to receive this injection.

And more than two weeks later, this almost 94-year-old resident is “happy”. “We are all. Everything is fine,” she said. “I wanted to be vaccinated because I’ve had asthma since I was two years old. A respiratory disease that does not mix well with coronavirus. On D-Day, she even admitted our columns: “I have been vaccinated all my life, again this year against the flu. My eldest son is a medical researcher and encouraged me to do so, so I did not hesitate for a second.”

Waiting for the second dose

Éliane Gerlier assures her, since this injection she has never had the slightest side effect. “Everything is fine, I was in no pain. I am now awaiting the recall, like everyone else, “she explains. But we do not know the date yet. The non-agent, mother of four children, grandmother of nine grandchildren and four times great-grandmother hopes that this second dose will not be too late, and that she will thus be able to benefit from the visits to the family.