Covid-19. Extended curfew, containment, schools … The head of the government

The curfew from kl. 18 was extended to other departments, or even generalized to the whole country?

The management must decide on Thursday new restrictions in meeting with Covid-19, while vaccination enters a new phase with the opening of registrations for 75 and older.

The day after a new health defense council, Jean Castex held a press conference at 6 pm, surrounded by no less than six ministers: Olivier Véran (health), Jean-Michel Blanquer (national education), Bruno Le Maire (economics and economics), Elisabeth Borne (Labor) , Roselyne Bachelot (Culture) and Frédérique Vidal (Higher education).


If the extension of the curfew from 6 pm beyond the 25 wards already affected by the measure seems acquired, it remains to be determined the extent.

“The interest is to counteract the aperitif effect,” admitted the head of La République en Marche, Stanislas Guerini, on Wednesday night to justify the measure, which he says has already allowed “a less important circulation” of the virus in territories where it already applies.


However, a re-containment currently seems out of the question, according to several sources, although the executive is concerned about the circulation of the “VOC 202012/01” variant, which has caused an epidemic outbreak in the UK.

The French seem to be withdrawing from a recovery: according to an Elabe poll, 83% believe a third inclusion will take place “in the coming weeks”.

Close schools?

Canteens, tests, holidays … Will the government announce new measures regarding schools?

“It is believed that the data on penetration of the English mutant [du Covid-19] “Schools are not ready enough to pressure us to close schools in France,” Professor Jean-François Delfraissy, president of the Scientific Council, told FranceInfo on Wednesday.

Canteens. Other ideas are circulating or appear to be on the table to limit the spread of the virus in businesses such as closing canteens. School catering is still the “black spot” since students come together there, without a mask, to eat. But in the countryside, it is impossible to ask students who live far away and are dependent on school transport to return home at noon. “If we remove the canteen, some families will no longer send their children to school,” warns Agnès Le Brun, head of education at the Association of Mayors of France (AMF).

Small groups. Nearly 70% of high schools have reduced their enrollment by introducing hybrid education, according to the latest census. If high schools seem to have found a certain balance, some large colleges may be able to follow suit.

Test more. “We must be able to detect cases very quickly and identify very quickly whether it is an English mutant or not, and make a very quick decision to close a class or even a college if necessary,” Professor Delfraissy stressed on Wednesday. One million antigen tests are “ready” for use by staff, high school and college students, according to the ministry, which spoke of “an increase in power from the beginning of January.” “For now we do not see the color”, castrates Sophie Vénétitay, Snes-FSU, first secondary school association

Extend the winter holidays. The hypothesis of an extension of the February holidays has been raised by some doctors to curb the epidemic. But on Sunday, Jean-Michel Blanquer, Minister of National Education, assured that the idea “was not on the agenda”.

“Stagnant figures”

The French health situation is “paradoxical”, the president of the scientific council leading the election of the executive, Jean-François Delfraissy, emphasized on Wednesday.

“On the one hand, we have a France that is better than all the European countries (in terms of pollution). On the other hand, we have numbers that have stagnated, or even increased somewhat since mid-December, we have not yet the exact effect of the consequences of the holiday on December 31, and we have a relatively high hospitalization and intensive care bed, but which can not be carried away, “he explained on France Info.

“We are not in an extreme crisis,” said the immunologist, who therefore recommends leaving schools open. The management has already announced that they will only close schools as a “last resort”, but an even stricter protocol in canteens is not excluded.