Covid-19. Norway is investigating the death of thirteen people who received the vaccine

In Norway, the Norwegian Medicines Agency announced at the end of last week that the deaths of thirteen weak people, aged 80 years, after a first injection, could be linked to side effects of the vaccine.

According to initial autopsies and analyzes, harmless side effects in most vaccinated people – such as allergies or fever, common side effects of mRNA vaccines – could have caused the deaths of these patients affected by underlying pathologies.

We are not worried about this

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health therefore now recommends a thorough assessment of the advantages and disadvantages of vaccination in the most fragile or at the end of life.

However, the Norwegian Medicines Agency is reassuring: “We are not worried about this. It is quite clear that these vaccines pose very little risk, with a minimum exception for the most fragile patients,” said an official at the Norwegian Medicines Agency, Steinar Madsen, quoted by the public broadcaster NRK.

“Do not modify the very favorable vaccination policy”

This Monday morning, on RTL, Professor Alain Fischer, who coordinates the vaccine strategy in France, emphasized: “The deceased were extremely weak, they suffered from comorbidities. These are many elements that suggest that the vaccine is not involved.”

And to add: “In France, we follow this very, very closely, but we must put these elements in context and not change the very favorable vaccination policy.”