Covid-19. Olivier Véran says he hopes to “avoid” another wave

A new wave of the Covid-19 epidemic is to be feared, especially because of the possible effects of the English variant, but “perhaps we can avoid it”, stressed the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, in an interview with JDD, and noted ” a slight “retardation” of the pollutants.

The number of new daily cases had increased slightly in four days

When the decision not to limit “was made on Friday in the Defense Council, the incidence, ie the number of new daily cases, had increased slightly for four days. This is still the case today. Hui”, the minister emphasizes.

Traces of the virus in wastewater in Ile-de-France are declining

Furthermore, “the traces of virus in wastewater, an indirect signal, are declining in Île-de-France. Several weeks after the generalization, it could mean that the maximum effect of the curfew is felt,” he continues.

Finally, the results of the second flash survey on variants, especially English, which the Minister received on Friday, show “that circulation is increasing – by 50% every week – but less intensely than abroad where increases of 70 to 100% have been observed”. This means that “the danger we face is possible, even probable. But it is not certain,” explains Olivier Véran, justifying the leader’s decision not to impose a third incarceration at this stage. “The slight retardation of the pollutants may allow us to observe, for a few days, what will happen.”

Save time, limit breaks

“Everything suggests that a new wave may emerge due to the variant; but perhaps we can avoid it thanks to the measures we decided too early, and that the French respect”, continues Olivier Véran, for whom “the idea is to save time, for to limit violations “. But, he adds, “if the incidence were to increase again, we would not hesitate. We never said we would not limit the next two weeks if necessary”.

I trust us. The hours we live in are crucial. Let’s do everything to stop the epidemic together.

– Emmanuel Macron (@EmmanuelMacron) January 30, 2021

On Saturday at the end of the day, the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron spoke in a tweet: “I have confidence in us. The hours we live are crucial. Let’s do everything to curb the epidemic together,” he wrote.