decline in all indicators in the Rhône

All the epidemiological indicators for Covid-19 are characterized by a decline on 2 February in the Rhône with the number of hospital patients falling below the 900 mark for the first time since 13 January.

This Tuesday, 892 patients were admitted to hospital (-29), including 144 in intensive care (-8). During the last 24 hours, 52 new patients have been admitted, including 7 in intensive care. With 7 new deaths, the number of patients who have died in hospital has risen to 2,205 since 1 March, while 10,127 patients have returned home (+71 in the last 24 hours).

Occurrence rates are trending downwards

The incidence is also on a slightly downward trend, reaching 229.7 / 100,000 in the Rhône and 237.5 / 100,000 in the Metropolis for the rolling week of 25 to 30 January, while the rate of positivity drops back to 7.4%.

At Hospices Civils de Lyon, the weekly report shows a slight increase in the number of patients, from 340 to 361 in a week, including 205 patients in medicine (+20), 71 in intensive care (+2) and 85 in follow-up care and rehabilitation ( -3) 2 February at 12. Three extra beds were opened in intensive care to reduce the pressure somewhat: the occupancy of patients from Covid + was thus reduced from 42.2% to 40.1%.

After a very strong increase in week 3, the frequency of visits to the adult emergency room for Covid-19 fell slightly 11.60% (against 12.13% in S3) as the frequency of calls to SAMU (7.8% in S4 against 8 , 9% and S3). The positivity rate of HCL professionals also drops to 4.6% in W4 after reaching 7.7% in S3.