detention not yet determined in France, night of riots in the Netherlands

6:39: AstraZeneca defends the effectiveness of the vaccine against the elderly

The newspaper Bild Zeitung and the Handelsblatt company claimed on Monday night that the German government had doubts about the effect of AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 vaccine, developed with the University of Oxford, on people over 65 years of age. According to Handelsblatt, which refers to government sources, Berlin expects an efficiency of 8% for this age group.

AstraZeneca defended the effectiveness of the vaccine on Monday and denied these claims. “Articles showing that the effectiveness of the AstraZeneca / Oxford vaccine is only 8% in adults over the age of 65 are completely false,” said a spokesman for AstraZeneca.

6:33: The government must decide on a third inclusion

The government must decide this week whether it is still tightening the screw to fight the coronavirus. It is under the Health Defense Council, which is scheduled for Wednesday around the head of state, that the decision will be made, ten days after the establishment of a general curfew at 18.00, whose effects are still difficult to assess.

In Emmanuel Macron’s follow, we follow that “nothing has been done yet” and that it is a question of “finding the right balance”. No speech by the president this week has been confirmed, but according to a source close to the executive, he is considering a unit that is still different from the first two inclusions, more flexible especially for young people.

National mobilization of teachers, school nurses and students

Health crisis, teachers’ salaries: National education staff, along with school nurses but also high school students, are being asked to strike and mobilize across France on Tuesday to hear their voices, before “possible re-containment.

Following a summons from an internal association composed especially by FSU, CGT and FO, parades must be held in Paris and in several other cities. In the capital, the demonstration will leave Luxembourg at 13.00 to move towards rue de Grenelle, the headquarters of the Ministry of National Education.

06:19: Second night of riots in the Netherlands

The Netherlands experienced another outbreak of violence on Monday night to Tuesday, which was orchestrated by opponents of the curfew in the main cities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague, but also other localities (Amersfoort, Geleen, Den Bosch, Haarlem …). As of Monday night, more than 70 people had been arrested, according to Dutch public television NOS. Mayors in several cities across the country have announced that they will take emergency measures to try to prevent further unrest. Rotterdam officials, such as Ahmed Aboutaleb, issued a decree authorizing police to increase arrests.

06:16: Gorilla treated with antibodies extracted from Covid-19

An elderly coronavirus-infected gorilla was treated with an experimental synthetic antibody treatment at the San Diego Zoo in California.

Winston, a 48-year-old western lowland gorilla, had tested positive like several other primates on January 11 during a stool test. It was the first case of natural transmission of Covid-19 to great apes, and would have been infected by an asymptomatic employee, who, however, wore gloves.

“The group became infected with a new, highly contagious variant of coronavirus that was recently identified in California,” the San Diego Zoo Global, the zoo’s managing director, said in a statement. Several gorillas have thus shown symptoms of mild cough, stuffy or runny nose and episodes of lethargy.

6:13: Also uprising in Lebanon …

Dissatisfaction with the health restrictions is not only expressed in the Netherlands: riots took place on Monday in Tripoli, the large city in northern Lebanon, where security forces had to contain young protesters who were against hiding.

The Lebanese Red Cross reported more than 30 wounded at the end of the evening.

Information not to be missed on Monday

France registered 445 new deaths from Covid-19 on Monday, bringing the total number of epidemics to 73,494 deaths. Above all, the number of patients in intensive care has crossed the 3,000 mark (3,041), a first since 9 December.

However, Emmanuel Macron is not expected to speak this week to announce a third inclusion. The President of the Republic will avoid it at all costs and is waiting to learn more about the effect of the variants and measure the effect of the cover. bonfire advanced to 6 p.m., according to several media outlets.

In the meantime, the vaccination campaign is underway, although the EU apologizes for the “unacceptable” delays in delivering the AstraZeneca vaccine. Brussels calls for more “transparency” about exports outside the EU of the doses produced there.

Meanwhile, the riots continued on Monday in several cities in the Netherlands.

Finally good news: Moderna has announced that the vaccine is effective against the British and South African variants of Covid-19.

6:11: Figures that make you dizzy …

The pandemic has killed at least 2,129,368 and infected more than 99.1 million people worldwide since the end of 2019, according to the latest report created on Monday by AFP. In addition, more than 63.5 million vaccine doses have been administered in at least 68 countries or territories.

06:05: Hello everyone and welcome to this live video dedicated to the development of the coronavirus epidemic in France and around the world on Tuesday 26 January.