Dole. 1060 blood donations in 2020 in Dole!

Meeting with Philippe Briet, president of the Association of Blood Donors in Dole.

How and since when did you become president of Amicale?

“I first became Vice President during the election of the Office of the General Assembly on June 24, 2017, after President Camille Jeannin resigned, and the Vice President was in place, then President in 2018.”

How does your association develop?

In addition to Dole, the association takes care of seven sections: Pagney, Mont / Vaudrey, Chaussin, Moissey, Orchamps, Petit-Noir and Saint-Aubin. In 2021, the Petit-Noir section will no longer hold collections. After 48 years of volunteering, Mauricette and Robert Poulet, the leaders of the section, have taken a well-deserved pension. I regret that there was no buyer. The donors of Petit-Noir are asked to donate to Chaussin. Mauricette and André Monneret will be with their volunteer team for the snacks, happy to welcome them. By 2021, the Moissey section will no longer hold collections; a measure due to Covid-19. Moissey donors are asked to donate to Pagney. Catherine Sancey, with her team of volunteers at the snack bar, would like to welcome them. “

What are the association’s projects despite the pandemic?

“By 2020, all planned activities have stopped. In 2021, and depending on health measures, ADSB plans to organize the departmental march of voluntary blood donors in the Mont-Roland area, in collaboration with the Amicale de Tavaux and the Departmental Union 39. “

Why donate blood?

“In France, we need 12,000 donations every day to save the sick who need blood. It is an anonymous and free civic act. Giving 1 hour of time saves three lives. In Burgundy / Franche-Comté, 23,420 patients received labile blood products via 58 health institutions. It’s not just others who need blood, everyone may need it one day. “

At the beginning of this new year, how many donations has the French blood establishment registered in Dole, in 2020?

In 2020, 1166 people presented themselves for 1,060 samples, including 81 new donors, during the 23 collections that were carried out. In 2019, 1,233 people participated: 1,076 collected donors, including 64 new ones, in 24 collections. “