EF-2 Tornado Touchdown Wyoming County; Flash Flood Warning Issued for Allegheny Country Expires

According to a preliminary storm survey from the National Weather Service, an EF 2 tornado touchdown in Wyoming County late Thursday morning.

The tornado resulted in several trees to go fall on Route 78, and also brought down a ban in the town of Java.

The owner, Sam Marlett says that she is still processing what happened. Marlett said it all started when she witnessed a white wall of rain come through the potato fields behind her house.

“Wind. Rain. Debris,” said Marlett. “I saw branches flying and that was it. I blinked and it was gone. And then I came outside and everything was gone.

Mike Fries, a warning coordination meteorologist remarks that an EF-2 tornado in this area is not unheard of but less frequent.

“The majority of them that you would have in most areas would be an EF0 or one”, he remarked.

The weather brought power lines and trees along Route 78 down. For Marlett’s property, her barn took the burnt of the damage. Fries anticipates the ban moved about 25 feet and says the back of the barn collapsed completely.

Marlett says she’s just glad that no one was hurt.

On the other part of the country, a flash flood warning issued for parts of Allegheny County Thursday has expired.

The Pittsburgh Fire Chief reported flash flooding in Carnegie along Washington Avenue between Hope Hollow and Boden Ave.