European Central Bank President Victimized in a Hacking Attempt by Unidentified Individuals

On Tuesday, the European Central Bank said that its president, Christine Lagarde, was targeted in a hacking attempt however it was unsuccessful.

As per the reports, Lagarde was contacted through a text message from what appeared to be former German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s cell phone number by someone claiming that Merkel wanted to communicate with her through WhatsApp since it is more secure.

The attempt took place recently. The Frankfurt-based central bank for 109 countries that use the Euro said in an emailed reply to a query about a report by Business Insider. The bank remarked that it had identified and halted quickly but it had nothing more to say in the middle of an investigation.

Lagarde then contacted Merkel through her cell phone to ask whether she really wanted to communicate through WhatsApp and that whoever was behind the trial apparently had a motive to gain control of the accounts of various figures on WhatsApp and other messaging services.