Everyone can now create Spaces on Twitter

It’s been almost a year since Twitter launched Spaces, an audio-only service designed to compete with Clubhouse. Originally, they stated that everyone would be able to create their own Space by April 2021, however that month passed with no news. Finally, “the time has arrived” for iOS and Android users to host their own live audio session. This comes at a time when many social media platforms seem to be adding audio features.


Only a few users and creators were had the ability to create a Space and host their own live audio “show” or chatroom. Users could join and listen in on those rooms, but they couldn’t create their own. However, Twitter has officially stated that all users, both iOS and Android, will be allowed to host a Space. And, in case you forgot how to make or host one, there’s a little GIF to show you how.


When you tap the create button, Spaces will appear among Photos, GIFs, and the old-school Tweet as an option. When you touch on Spaces, you’ll be prompted to give your Space a name and select up to three topics: Business & finance, Music, Sports, Technology, Gaming, World news, Entertainment, Art & culture, Careers, and Home & family. You’ll be prompted to test the microphone if this is your first time creating a Space.


After you’ve completed the testing, you may begin the audio chat by inviting other users to join you. You can also take use of other recent additions, such as the option to add co-hosts and up to ten speakers. There are also Ticketed Spaces, which allow creators and organizers to charge users a fee to enter the Space. Despite the fact that all the features had been implemented, “ordinary” users were still unable to create their own Space.


However, anyone who wants to make their own Space can now do so using their smartphone app. There’s no word yet on whether this will eventually be available for PC users.


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