Facebook to launch a newsletter platform for independent writers

On Tuesday, Facebook announced the launch of a new platform that will enable independent writers to connect with their audiences through websites and email newsletters. In the coming months, the platform will be available in the United States.

The platform would initially be available via a collaboration with a small subset of independent authors, according to Facebook. Writers will be able to make money using a variety of resources, as expected.

“The independent creator space is growing. We fully support the work that others are doing and want to ensure that we can provide additional avenues for growth and monetisation as well. We’re just beginning this work and look forward to collaborating with creators of all kinds to build products and features that can have a meaningful impact in sustaining their work”, Facebook said in a post.


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Facebook will provide a free and self-publishing tool to build websites and email newsletters with the new platform. It will also work with Facebook Pages and enable users to post content in various multimedia formats, including live videos, articles, and images. Writers would be able to build Facebook Groups and developing their audience.

Facebook will also provide tools to assist readers in discovering new content and writers. Monetisation tools, insights to review content output, and accelerator services to assist creators are among the other features.

The newsletter space is gaining traction in the digital space, according to The Verge. Substack, for example, is a popular newsletter site with numerous independent writers.


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Apart from Facebook, Twitter is now attempting to penetrate the newsletter market. Twitter purchased the popular newsletter firm Revue in January of this year. Last month, the company announced that content creators would soon be able to share longer-format content through Revue.


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Twitter had previously stated that the fee for the paid edition of the app would be reduced to 5%. Writers and publishers can submit newsletters to up to 50 people for free using Revue’s free edition. They were able to send to a greater number of subscribers using the paid model.