Flash Flood Emergency Underway in St. Louis

A line of steady thunderstorms is pouring heavy torrential rains across the Saint Louis area early Tuesday morning, swollen rivers and creeks, and Trending drivers across several roads in the region, including shutting down a major interstate.

A flash flood emergency has been issued for St Louis to 9:30 AM CET as some storm rainfall totals have crossed 6 to 10 inches just Tuesday morning itself, says the national weather service. With rainfall rates of 123 inches every hour, with isolated rainfall rates up to 5 in./h

Along Hermitage Avenue, St Louis firefighters rescued six people and six dogs from 18 homes in the neighborhood with substantial flooding. Another 15 hours riding out the storm.

In western Louis, law enforcement officials reported water was endangering homes in the Lado area, with water rescues underway. Spotter sports reported various cars were stranded along Lindbergh BLVD just north of Interstate 64. Other vehicles were stranded by flood waters in the Maryland Heights neighborhood.

Historic rainfall combines abundant atmospheric moisture and a frontal boundary that stalled over the heavily populated area. That must fear in that area already had a copious amount of water available. The storms followed along that boundary with a beard towards St Louis.