Free Download Manager disables the YouTube download feature

Following a claim from YouTube’s parent company, Google, about the video platform’s downloading functionality, Free Download Manager was compelled to “temporarily” suspend its support for YouTube. Despite the fact that FDM acknowledged negotiating with Google, no additional details are available at this time.


Free Download Manager, one of the most well-known download applications, was most well-known for allowing users to download YouTube content — a function that is no longer available. Although there is no official notice on the software’s website, an FDM source developer confirmed that YouTube download features were intentionally rolled back on October 16th.


This comes after major music firms have taken legal action against stream-ripping services in recent years. After legal concerns, YouTube-MP3 was taken down, and Y2Mate, 2Conv, and FLVto are just a few of the services that may be shut down soon. Furthermore, rightsholders have been working to remove these websites from Google’s indexing and make them inaccessible to the general public.


Dear users,
We’re sorry to say, YouTube downloads are not available for now. We are in progress of discussing this issue with Google.
We’ve got a claim from Google regarding this functional (download from YouTube). We had to turn if off temporarily until we resolve this issue with Google.


YouTube has been cracking down on free stream download providers and restricting IP addresses as a result. The video streaming platform, on the other hand, has lately begun testing a feature that allows users to save video content for offline watching.


Google’s troubles with FDM are still ongoing, but they did not provide any additional information or say whether or not FDM will be served with legal letters. For years, YouTube has been issuing these kind of warnings. For smaller companies, this is a caution worth taking seriously in light of the legal consequences.


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