Fujifilm ransomware attack: shuts down parts of its network globally

Fujifilm, the Japanese multinational conglomerate, has taken down a part of its network as it investigates a possible ransomware attack.


The company, which is best known for its digital imaging equipment but also makes high-tech medical kits such devices for quick processing of COVID-19 testing, acknowledged on June 1 that its Tokyo headquarters had been attacked.


The corporation is investigating “possible unauthorized access” to its system, according to a statement.


When the organization learned of the incident, it took swift action to shut down all vulnerable systems.


The company has apologized for the disruption caused to its customers and business partners and indicated that it is presently undertaking an investigation to ascertain the scope and degree of the issue.


This has an impact on all types of communication, including emails and incoming calls, that come through the company’s network systems for some organizations.


Fujifilm stated in a previous statement that the cyber-attack is blocking them from receiving and processing orders.



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Fujifilm has issued a revised statement confirming that the attack was carried out on the night of June 1st, 2021, by ransomware.

·        We confirmed that the unauthorized access we recognized on the night of June 1, 2021 was ransomware.

·        We have confirmed that the scope of impact is limited to specific networks in the country.

·        Since the range has been identified, from today, we are proceeding with the operation of servers and personal computers that have been confirmed to be safe, and the networks that were blocked are also starting communication in sequence.




The identity of the threat actors behind the ransomware assault have yet to be revealed by Fujifilm.


However, Fujifilm was infected by the Qbot virus in mid-May, according to Vitali Kremez, CEO of the cybersecurity firm Advanced Intel.


According to the people at Advanced Intel, trojan writers frequently collaborate with ransomware operators, and Qbot is no exception.


As per TechRadar, Qbot’s creators have a long history of working with ransomware companies like ProLock and Egregor.


Since the underground ransomware turmoil, the Qbot malware group currently works with the REvil ransomware group, Kremez told Bleeping Computer.


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