Gerland will also be a vaccination center

A 4th center at work

To meet the demand, for Croix-Rousse and Edouard-Herriot, HCL will open a 3rd center at Lyon Sud Hospital on Monday, while a 4th is planned for the Eastern Group, but CHU is also limited in human resources for to perform this task. This is why liberal professionals will give some of these vaccines themselves. As the restrictions on the storage of vaccines against RNA make it difficult to vaccinate in an office, the alternative was taken to open a new collective place in the city.

The HCLs take care of the management

By agreement with the City of Lyon, it was the sports center Gerland, which was already converted into a Covid-19 screening center for the population since 24 September. HCL, which received 14,500 doses of vaccines on Wednesday, will continue to provide vaccines and administrative management, but on this site, vaccinations will be given by professionals in the city as part of a partnership with URPS (Regional Union of Health Professionals) liberal doctors and URPS liberal nurses.

Operational from next Thursday

The goal is for this new center to be operational from Thursday 14 January and be open for a long period (8.30 to 20.00). It will therefore in principle be reserved for priority liberal health personnel before in the medium term it welcomes the rest of the population to vaccination. Rhône has 2375 independent doctors over the age of 50 and more than 5000 health professionals, all professions combined. The Covid-19 screening activity will remain open to the public during this period.

(1) Vaccination by appointment at:érale