Google Docs now has a universal menu for mentioning other users 

Google introduced a number of new features for its Workspace productivity suite in May of this year. Google Docs now has “smart chips,” which allow users to instantly link files, meetings, persons, and other items to a document using the @ tag. The functionality is part of the company’s “smart canvas” project, which aims to improve Workspace tools in order to “build the future of work.” Google is now making smart chips on Docs more useful than ever, delivering on that promise.


On Google Docs, the @ tag is now a “universal insertion menu,” according to the company. That is, you can include everything in your work, from tables and photos to various content elements and formats. All of this is done without leaving the current tab. Even if you’re inserting a file from another Workspace application, such as Google Drive, this is the case.


Previously, if you wanted to insert a file from another app into your document, you had to navigate to it, which required switching tabs and/or copying and pasting web links. However, entering the @ tag into a text field now brings up a list of recommended material that you can include in your document. Google also allows you to search for additional files. Docs will establish a link to that file in your current document if you select it. You will be redirected to that file if you click it.


You can, of course, use the same method to tag persons in your document. Docs will ask if you want to share the document with the persons you’ve tagged.


Google Docs’ new universal insertion menu is now being rolled out to users all over the world. Users on Rapid Release domains began receiving updates on Monday, October 18th. Users on Scheduled Release domains will begin receiving the functionality on November 1st, according to Google. It’s worth noting that the feature could take up to 15 days to reach everyone after the initial rollout.


All Google Workspace, G Suite Basic, and Business customers will be able to use this service. There is no admin or end-user control over it. You’ll be able to use it straight away after it’s been rolled out to your Workspace account.


This universal insertion menu, also known as the @ tag, allows users to preview and read relevant papers, identify linked meetings and stakeholders, add tables and photos, and more right from Google Docs, according to the business. It’s true that being able to put objects, files, tables, media, and other items into a page without using the mouse comes in handy.


Google Docs now has the ability to add a page break before paragraphs, in addition to the universal insertion menu. You may now start each paragraph of your document on a new page using the new “Add page break before” option in the Docs menu under Format >> Line and paragraph spacing. If you import a Microsoft Word or other third-party document with “page breaks” added to paragraphs, Docs will keep the formatting settings. It also works the other way around.


This feature, too, has no admin control; users must manually enable it through the Docs bar’s aforementioned URL. All Google Workspace, G Suite Basic, and Business customers will be able to use it. This week saw the start of the launch. Google plans to finish the deployment by the middle of November.



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