Google drums up a tracker version on the lines of the Apple AirTag tracker

Technology wizard Google is fast introducing its version of the Apple Airtag tracker annotated by the code name ‘Grogu’. This was reported by SamMobile. These trackers are called upon when the mobile you carry gets lost or misplaced.

Google’s tracker is expected to follow a distributed tracking pattern quite on the same lines as Apple’s AirTag and Samsung’s SmartTag.

 Kuba Wojeciechowsky and Mishaal Rehman have hit upon the makings of a new product to compete with Samsung Galaxy’s SmartTag and Apple AirTag. The device is better known by names including ‘Grogu’, ‘GroguAudio’, and lastly GR10, which is its model number. 

The device can be paired with other devices on Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) and a fast pair for instantaneous pairing, having to do with Pixel smartphones. Pixel smartphones equipped with UWB chips can locate the tag within a few centimeters though these features are available only on Pixel 6 Pro and Pixel 7.

The new smart tracker is expected to make a hit pair with both Bluetooth Low Energy and Ultra-wideband (UWB) technology. The gadget will integrate with a miniature speaker for reproducing intermittent voice notifications.

The device will be launched in multiple variants.  

The tech giant is most likely to rechristen the distributed tracking network with the name ‘Finder Network’.

The all-new smart tracker is anticipated to be introduced with fanfare at Google I/O 2023– the tech giant’s annual developer conference, the report said.