Google has banned 3 malicious Android apps from Play Store

Over 150 harmful apps were recently banned by Google. Google has removed three harmful apps from the Play Store yet again. Google announced at Google I/O this year that there are already 3 billion active Android devices, and the removal of these apps will helping individuals who may have been duped into using them.


These three apps, which were removed from the Google Play Store, used suspicious techniques to trick users into revealing their personal information and money. These applications were discovered by security firm Kaspersky, who claimed that the Facebook Login mechanism was being used to mislead users into disclosing personal information.


Many people use the Facebook login option to make it easier to sign up for new apps. The developers of these malicious apps prey on ignorant users in order to steal login information.


“Magic Photo Lab – Photo Editor,” “Blender Photo Editor-Easy Photo Background Editor,” and “Pix Photo Motion Edit 2021” are among the apps that have been blocked. These apps are no longer available on the Google Play Store.


Users who have installed these apps will have to manually delete them from their smartphones, and also reset their Facebook login credentials.


People should stop downloading any dodgy app instead, just stick to well-known photo editing apps in order to keep their data safe and avoid it from getting into the wrong hands. While downloading, be extremely cautious and verify the app’s content on the Google Play Store to see if there are any grammatical or factual errors. Verify the credentials of the apps you install as much as possible. Keep in mind that they may pretend to be genuine, but they aren’t. The user bears the burden of the risk. Uninstalling them from your device is the most effective way of protecting yourself.


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