Google Meet now has Audio and Video Lock controls

Google Meet, a popular video-conferencing platform, has added a new Audio Video Lock feature that allows meeting hosts to mute other participants. This will enable them to have a virtual meeting without interruptions, and it will prevent anybody from unmuting themselves until the hosts unlock them.


It’s happened to everyone at some point. You’re in a Google Meeting, and someone either isn’t aware that their microphone is unmuted and is making a lot of noise, or they are aware that their microphone is unmuted and are still making a lot of noise.


The video conferencing app is now introducing Audio and Video Lock for conference hosts, allowing them to have more control over the entire meeting session.


Meeting hosts can now mute select participants’ audio and even video streams with the new Audio and Video Lock feature. If you disable it, the individual will be unable to manually switch it back on unless the host unlocks their accounts.


It is now being rolled out to Google Workspace’s Education Fundamentals and Education Plus domains, with plans to expand to more Workspace domains in the near future.


The meeting host is the only user in a meeting who may use the “mute all” option, according to Google in a blog post. The meeting host will be unable to unmute all participants after they have been muted. Users will, however, have the ability to unmute themselves as needed.


The mute all feature will be available just for the meeting’s host who will be connecting from a desktop browser for the time being, according to the company. In the next months, the feature is planned to be rolled out to other platforms as well.


How to mute participants in Google Meet?

Meeting hosts will need to take a few simple steps to mute other participants on Google Meet. They simply need to hover their mouse over the profile image of the person they wish to mute and select the Mute option. This option will be available to hosts by default, allowing them to choose to mute anyone from the start of a meeting.


Google Workspace Essentials, Business Starter, Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Standard, and Enterprise Plus, as well as G Suite Basic, Business, and Non-profits users, are said to be excluded from the service.


This feature will also be available for Android Marshmallow and above, as well as iOS 12 and higher. People using previous versions, on the other hand, will be excluded out from the meeting if the hosts unmute them. They’ll have to update their devices to get back into the meeting.



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