Google mobile search now includes continuous scrolling

Continuous scrolling was implemented by Google recently, giving mobile users better access to information and search results. Instead of having to touch for the next set of results, smartphone users will be able to scroll through them. The update comes after Google’s mobile search revamp earlier this year, which aimed to give users a cleaner, more focused search experience.


Niru Anand, Google Search Product Manager, announced the company’s introduction of continuous scrolling feature for mobile users in the United States on Thursday. Pagination has been used by search engines to deliver results in the past. Continuous scrolling allows mobile users to view up to four pages of search results without having to manually go to the next page. This feature boosts engagement while giving mobile users who are used to scrolling and swiping across screens a more natural experience.


Last week, the new feature for English-based searches was made available on iOS and Android in the United States. Users benefit from continuous scrolling since they no longer have to leave the results’ page to manually click and load further results. It will also benefit Google and its search-based advertising partners by guaranteeing that mobile users spend more time on the platform, enhancing the visibility of ads.


For many people, Google’s (or any other search engine’s) search feature is simply a text field where they type in a question or term and are immediately presented with hundreds to thousands of relevant results to sort through. Unlike the static virtual libraries and asset collections of the early 1990s, search has evolved into a living, dynamic service that serves individuals, organizations, and enterprises all around the world. It’s a complicated, ever-evolving revenue-generating business that’s continuously organizing results, improving findability, and improving the user experience.


Google’s recent development of its search service offers includes continuous scrolling. The company launched a mobile revamp earlier this year to streamline user search, improve readability, and direct users to key information while reducing distractions and noise.


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