Google Pixel Watch Leaker Discloses More Details about the Upcoming SmartWatch

The person who shared live photographs of the to-be-launched Google Pixel Watch has disclosed other details about the smartwatch. In one of the recent posts on Reddit, they have confirmed that one of their friends found the Pixel Watch prototype a few weeks back at a restaurant in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. However, they adhered to it, hoping that the people who left it by mistake would return to claim it. The individual has also revealed the dimensions of the Pixel Watch and shared the latest image with the prototype placed next to a 40mm Apple and a 46mm Galaxy Watch.

The Pixel Watch prototype looks the same size as the 46mm Galaxy Watch. But it has a sleeker design, which makes the Galaxy Watch chunky while being placed next to it. The person has also disclosed that the Pixel Watch measures approximately half an inch thick and one and a half inches in diameter.

When asked about the bezels on the Pixel Watch Prototype, the person shared another image that provides a closer shot of the watch. The Pixel Watch’s bezels appear to be about the same size as the bezels on the regular Galaxy Watch 4. Another image shared in the same thread gives a zoomed-in view, which seems to be the microphone and the speaker grille on the pixel watch. 

In response to a question about the Pixel Watch’s wireless charging capabilities, the person disclosed that Qi wireless chargers identify the watch temporarily. However, they could not charge the smartwatch using two different Qi chargers and the Power Share Feature on the Galaxy Fold 3. 

The thread also comprises a few other notable details about the Pixel Watch’s construction, including comments on its fine quality, crown, and clicky buttons.