Google Plans Privacy Change Similar to Apple’s

On Wednesday, Google announced that it is adopting new privacy restrictions, similar to the move executed by Apple last year.

Google says that it will give enough time to the companies to adapt to the changes to its Android Software. In addition, the company says that it was working on privacy measures to control data sharing on smartphones running its Android software. But it says that it would not be as disruptive as Apple’s move. 

The change embedded in by Apple to iOS software in iPhone took permission from the users before allowing advertisers to track them. In addition, apple’s permission controls and, finally, the decision by users to stop following has had a significant impact on the players focused on targeted advertising. 

Google has yet not disclosed the time for its changes, but it revealed that it would back existing technologies for at least two years more. 

As per Meta, the company initially founded as Facebook analyzed that Apple’s privacy change would amount it USD 10 Bn this year in lost advertising revenue. The observation impacted Meta’s stock price and worried the other players depending on digital advertising. 

The Vice President of Google, Anthony Chavez, said that it would be too soon to estimate the impact of Google’s change in privacy policies. However, he emphasized that its motive was to identify a private option for its users while enabling the players to generate revenue through advertising. 

Apple attracted severe criticism from Facebook and other players for launching its App Tracking Transparency feature, which curtails the targeting power of advertisers from reaching an iPhone user. 

Apple was targeted in one of the blogs by Google without mentioning its name. 

″​​We realize that other platforms have taken a different approach to ads privacy, bluntly restricting existing technologies used by developers and advertisers.” Anthony Chavez, Google Android vice president of product management, security, and privacy, wrote in the blog post. 

Emphasizing the privacy policies could help the tech giant to get ahead of regulatory issues as consumers and lawmakers become more concerned about their personal data. Google said that it would work closely with regulators.